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QCS specialize in professional tile and grout cleaning service for residential and commercial premises.

The steam cleaning process is utilized by using our specialized equipment that cleans and extracts.

The tile and grout areas of premises are areas that are normally most frequently used or most cases moisture is present where the grout colour can even darken and in some cases mould can grow.

Although general tile and grout cleaning is recommended that are situations where a standard normal clean cannot remove all stubborn stains and oils including mould. QCS can remove those extra hard to remove stains and revitalize making them look new again.

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To ensure effective cleaning, it is essential to perform pre-cleaning to remove any debris present on the tile and grout surfaces. This step is crucial as it allows the cleaning process to work more efficiently and achieve optimal results.

In addition to pre-cleaning, our cleaning process includes the use of a specially formulated pre-treatment solution. This solution is designed to penetrate and break down stubborn stains, oils, and mold that may be present on the tile and grout surfaces.

Power scrubbing involves the use of specialized equipment that combines mechanical scrubbing action with cleaning solutions. This technique is particularly effective in agitating and loosening tough deposits and grime that may be deeply embedded in the tile and grout.

Our skilled technicians will carefully maneuver the power scrubbing equipment over the applicable surfaces, targeting specific areas where stains, oils, or mold are present. The mechanical action of the scrubbing brushes or pads, combined with the appropriate cleaning solution, helps to dislodge and break down the contaminants.

To achieve a thorough and deep cleaning of the tile and grout surfaces, our process involves high-pressure steam washing and rinsing, followed by extraction.

High-pressure steam washing utilizes powerful steam jets to apply a combination of high temperature and pressure to the surfaces. The steam helps to loosen and dissolve dirt, grime, stains, oils, and other contaminants that may have accumulated on the tile and within the grout lines.


QCS provides a commercial carpet cleaning service catered to a wide range of clients. Carpets can attract not only stains but dust, allergens and pollens hair, bugs and mites can also build up mould because of moisture and it can potentially become a health hazard. To maintain your household carpet in the best possible condition is to regularly maintain them by providing special care and cleaning. At QCS has specialized in carpet cleaning and maintenance for over 15 years and use the best products on the market available including state of the art equipment.

Looking for exceptional cleaning services for your business, look no further than QCS!

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