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When you own and operate a commercial building, it is important to maintain a clean environment to ensure that your employees and clients always feel comfortable. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in these large spaces is a job in itself, which is why we provide commercial cleaning services to take care of the work for you. This allows you to focus on running your operations while we provide a safe and clean environment that your workers and customers love returning to.

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Why Choose QCS Cleaning for Professional Commercial Cleaning?

At QCS Cleaning we deliver cleaning packages that match your exact needs, rather than relying on general cleaning. We take pride in providing professional commercial cleaning services that enhance your place of business and deliver positive outcomes. Services we provide include rubbish removal, mopping, vacuuming, supply replenishment, bathroom/toilet cleaning, and desk wiping, and we tailor these services to match the requirements of your space. We deliver our services to clients throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas and work with a range of different industries in the commercial sector.

While some industries, such as hospitality and medical facilities, must maintain a clean environment for safety reasons, it is vital that companies in every industry host a well-maintained workplace. Aside from the obvious visual benefits, working in a clean environment is proven to improve employee mental health, meaning your workforce are happier to come to work each day and deliver high quality results. The benefits of using a professional commercial cleaning company also pass on to your clients, as no one wants to visit a space they consider to be dirty and unclean.

Bench Cleaning

No matter what hours your office operates, our cleaners work around your schedule to ensure your office is always clean and tidy. We provide general cleaning, rubbish removal, supply replenishment, bathroom/toilet cleaning, desk cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping, and are available to work nights and weekends.

Hospitality Cleaning

When you work with food and drinks, it is vital that you operate a venue that is kept clean at all times to maintain employee and customer safety. Our professional commercial cleaning services ensure your venue is always in the best possible condition so you can focus on delivering a hospitality experience that has customers wanting to return.

Education Cleaning

When it comes to education, it is important to provide a clean environment where students can always focus on their studies. Your teachers should not have to worry about leftover messes and spills in the classroom, which is why we clean and disinfect your school after hours, so your students and staff return to a clean space each morning.

Sometimes there are those stains that you just can’t wash out, no matter how hard you scrub. That’s why our commercial cleaning services include pressure washing to clean those areas that require a more forceful approach. Our trained technicians operate the pressure washer across tough surfaces like concrete to have them looking as close to brand new as possible.

Maintaining a clean carpet is tricky, as a variety of dust, hairs, bugs, and mites can find their way into the material and stay hidden. This can become a health hazard due to the risk of mould building up. We provide carpet cleaning as part of our commercial cleaning services and combine over 17 years’ experience with the best products available to ensure your carpet is kept in the best possible condition.

Tiled and grout areas are typically exposed to the most foot traffic, as they are frequently used in walkways and entrances. This results in a build-up of moisture which can darken the flooring and even cause mould to grow. We offer steam cleaning to remove these stubborn stains and moulds to have your flooring looking brand new again.

We provide a range of professional commercial cleaning services at QCS Cleaning to deliver peace of mind and a spotless space to live and work in. Our services include carpark cleaning, graffiti removal, solar panel cleaning, paver cleaning, and a range of other options to suit your property.

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At QCS Cleaning, we have been proudly servicing the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas for over 15 years. With clients that operate in a range of industries, we possess the experience and the equipment to deliver premium cleaning solutions for you. Our team is highly trained and qualified and committed to providing results that go above and beyond your expectations. For any queries, or to make a booking, please give us a call on 1300 432 004, send an email to, or get in touch online.

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